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Love Africa Marketing

Form a deeper connection with your audience with video content


Love Africa is proud to have kick-started 2020 with collaborations on some exciting projects.

One of the sectors we specialise in is environmental awareness and, therefore, we are privileged to work with two top NPO’s in this space: Blood Lions Campaign and WILDTRUST. 

The beauty of developing a video marketing plan is that you are making it easier for the viewer to be exposed to the information you are trying to communicate. It allows you to form a deeper connection to your audience.

Together with Blood Lions and Dave Cohen, we produced and launched a 2 minute video to an international audience which inspires hope.


“The idea for the clip stemmed from a joint need for continued education on the industry as well as to reflect on the milestones of the Blood Lions campaign. It’s intended to inspire hope, to help the public understand why it’s so important to keep up the momentum and to keep spreading the awareness. It highlights the struggles, but also the progress and it was a beautiful project to be involved in.” – Janelle Barnard, Love Africa Marketing. 

Another exciting start to the year was our work with WILDOCEANS on the Ocean iMPAct campaign.

‘Environmental advocate, actor and Ocean Unite Network member Shailene Woodley recently gave of her energy, time and passion to a cause close to her heart: promoting the conservation of South Africa’s oceans. Woodley added her voice to those of South African divers, surfers, paddlers, fishers and marine scientists to highlight all there is to love about the ocean, and why it needs to be conserved and protected. Until October 2018 South Africa only had 0.4% of its oceans protected.’ via WILDOCEANS

“The passion, knowledge and drive within the @wildoceanssa team gives me hope that the protection and diversity of our marine heritage is in good hands. Love Africa is proud to work with this amazing team, as well as inspiring environmental activists like @shailenewoodley.” Nicola Gerrard, Love Africa Marketing. 

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