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Photo by Casey Pratt / Love Africa Marketing

Pony Trekking in Lesotho with Semonkong Lodge

Africa’s Hidden Gem

Lesotho, ‘The Mountain Kingdom,’ is a hidden gem abundant with warm and friendly people, wild landscapes, vertical cliffs and meandering rivers. Fortuitously, some of these remote areas are accessible to exploration by the use of established shepherds’ trails crisscrossing the landscape. 

This unique trekking experience leaves visitors with an understanding of a culture untainted by modern norms and a deep appreciation for a simpler way of life.

About Semonkong Lodge

From the establishment of Semonkong Lodge in the 90’s, it has worked in close partnership with local communities to improve tourism and economic development in the area. Hiring of guides, horses, donkeys and the purchase of local produce are just a few of the many collaborations with Semonkong.

‘We are excited to be able to share our love for Lesotho and Semonkong Lodge through visual storytelling. I have been involved in tourism in Lesotho for many years now, and this adventure was certainly one of the best.” Nicola Gerrard, Managing Director – Love Africa Marketing.

Photos by Casey Pratt / Love Africa Marketing.

Love Africa production team: Sven Musica, Casey Pratt, Nicola Gerrard.