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Photo by Casey Pratt

Love Africa’s Top 5 Ways to Showcase Your Lodge Online

From Big Five safaris and white sandy beaches to cascading mountains and surreal forests, Africa is renowned for its travel and tourism opportunities.

With so much competition and strong content being created, reaching the top of your potential guests’ feeds can be tricky.

So, team Love Africa has put together five simple tips to help your lodge stand out from the crowd by showcasing it online:

Find your hook

Each destination should have its own unique selling point to stand out from competitors. Find yours and include it in the experience of staying with you. 

Perhaps your lodge is renowned for exceptional leopard sightings? Or your seaside villa offers wonderful sunset views? You may even include your passion for supporting local entrepreneurs in your product offerings, artwork or interior decor selections. 

There is something special about your destination – find it and give it the attention it deserves.

Highlight your team

As a destination, your team is an integral part of your lodge operations while making your guests’ stay as enjoyable and memorable as possible. Creating a personal feel on your social networks lets guests know what to expect when staying with you and look forward to meeting the team you have introduced. 

It’s important to do this in a way that stays true to your brand and reads authentically. Think quick video interviews, Q&As, and behind-the-scenes snippets.

Photo of Love Africa’s Marketing Accounts Manager, Janelle Barnard, taken by Casey Pratt while on the job for Wildlife ACT in Hluhluwe-iMfolozi Park.

Hop on social trends

Stay up to date with social media and digital marketing tactics because your competitors sure are. Make use of current trends to utilise high engagement and reach for locating potential new followers and potential guests. It is vital to know where your target market is based and what apps and platforms they prefer to use to make connecting with them seamless.

Making use of various formats like Reels, Stories, and Youtube videos will help expand your reach.

Photo by Casey Pratt

Make use of professional photography and materials

Stand out from the crowd by making use of strong, professional imagery to show guests what to expect from your destination. High quality images show that you take your business seriously and help to present a trustworthy and reliable brand. 

Be sure to also have professional and current marketing materials on all of your digital platforms to showcase your destination. Don’t be caught empty handed when you’re asked to share these vital materials.

“Your guests’ experience begins the moment they start engaging with your brand online. The photographs and imagery need to showcase what you offer and importantly, evoke a “I want to be there” feeling. You have a much higher chance of achieving this by using an expert in photography and content creation.” – Casey Pratt, Love Africa’s in-house photographer.

Photo by Casey Pratt/Love Africa Marketing for Wildlife ACT, taken on Somkhanda Game Reserve

Keep it coming!

Content is king when it comes to online marketing. Avoid getting lost among your competitors by having a structured and regular content plan. Each post you put out there has the potential to convert. Set your intentions and calls to action, using strong visuals and videos to support your goals. 

Be sure to keep the look and feel of your grid in mind too. Planning in advance and keeping a curated folder of content will help to better manage your social presence.

Need a little help with implementation? Here’s what we can offer.

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